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Wind-sim-suite is a library for simulating wind turbines. The main part is based on the Python package of MBDyn that provide objects for represeting abstract quantities: reference frames, nodes and elements. In this package, specific wind turbine objects are created. A wind turbine is splitted into 3 components: a tower, a nacelle and a rotor. The user is supposed to deal with those objects to start a simulation. The aerodynamic calculations are performed by an unsteady blade element momentum (BEM) code written entirely in Python. Two complete models have been written: the tjaereborg and NREL ones.

The post processing of data is done by the windsimsuite application. A graphical user interface written in the GTK library allows to explore results in 3D thanks to VTK and plot figure in 2D with Matplotlib. That's why the code uses also the pyGTK package as well as the PyGtkGLExt one for providing a VTK area within a GTK interface. As a third part software, Glade was used to design the interface.

Version: 0.1-r1

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['Francesco Braghin',
 'Luca Cavagna',
 'Pierangelo Masarati',
 'Fanzhong Meng',
 'Marco Morandini',
 'Giuseppe Quaranta',
 'Patrick Rix',
 'Philippe-Emmanuel Ascar']