MBDyn sim suite

Simulating on Windows in a Cywin environment

Starting a simulation

  1. Install the package as described in the install document
  2. Start a shell in Cygwin
  3. cd into the _CONTROL_ sub-directory...due to a bug and to leave room for further improvements.
  4. Adapt in the scripts: run_mbdyn.sh _RUN_model_XY.template.sh the path variable MBDYN_SIM_PATH="/cygdrive/c/path_to/mbdyn.sim" # path to Y O U R mbdyn.sim ; no trailing '/'
  5. Enter ./_RUN_model_XY.template.sh turbine to run MBDyn with the 5MW baseline turbine model (..the original intention was to use just ./RUN_turbine but it's buggy)
..the results should reside in sub-dir run.tmp

Visualization/Animation of results using EasyAnimm.exe

  1. Start a second shell window
  2. cd into the _CONTROL_ sub-directory
  3. Enter ./EA
  4. After the X-server has been launched enter in the xterm Window ./eam to start EasyAnimM.exe (ignore BadWindow-error messages)
  5. Choose from the main menu 'File' --> 'open animation' and change the path to the run.tmp sub-dir
  6. Choose 'turbine.vol' and then click 'Select' and 'OK' . Click 'OK' when message appears stating that configuration file is not conform.
    1. ..now a simple wire frame model should be visible.

      Simulating on GNU/Linux environment

      Navigate to the directory where you saved your MBDyn input file. And enter in a terminal: # mbdyn input_file
      MBDyn will then produce the results files. If you did not write the project, you can usually recognize the input file because include statements are written at its top.
      Note for the wind turbine models: the CART model is simply called 'cart', the NREL model is called 'turbine.mdl' in the '_MDL_' directory.
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